About Us

Hotspot Express has been in the billing solution business since 1997 in its earlier name EasyBrowsing. Initially, it designed billing solution to address Internet Café. Till today we have more 10000 installations across the globe.

Since beginning of millennium, hotspot Express started developing solution for WiFi systems. It has been one of the pioneers of WiFi billing solutions based on LINUX systems.

Hotspot Express is the brainchild of like minded people from Trichy TamilNadu. The products of famous Regional Engineering College, Trichy (REC,Trichy) have been the fulcrum of its operations.

Hotspot Express is head-quartered in Chennai. Its R&D facility is located at Trichy, TamilNadu.

Hotspotexpress provides the WIFI billing management for ISP, WISP, Hotel, Commercial Hotspot..

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