hotEx Billing Manager

hotEx billing manager is an integrated Captive_Portal+RADIUS-Server+Database+Billing_software solution from Hotspot Express on LINUX platform.

This is mainly suitable for single hotspot location, wherein the hotspot server will be a PC/Server (installed with this software) inserted in-between WAN and LAN networks, with two or more network cards.

hotEx Billing Manager


Authentication Flow Diagram

When the user tries to access Internet, the captive portal built-in will sniff out the traffic triggered from unauthenticated users, and will insert the login page.

The prelogin page will ask for the below based on the configuration.

  • Hotel -> username + password (of the prepaid Internet ticket)
  • Mall -> mobile number + OTP (sent through SMS).
  • Cafe -> mobile number + OTP (sent through SMS) + Access-Code
  • Airport -> mobile number + OTP (sent through SMS)
  • Club -> Pre-Registered Mobile Number + OTP (sent through SMS) etc.

The post-login page can be either inside the hotspot-server OR the user can be forwarded to any external domain-name/website as configured.

Any number of prepaid-plans can be created such as 1-hour, 1-day, with specific bandwidth and data-limit. Any number of tickets can be created in each prepaid-plan. The tickets can be printed in standard A4-sheets and cut and given to the receptionist which can be issued for fee/free as per your business policy OR if integrated, the Internet bills/invoice can be directly posted to the hotel accounting software or any third party software.

Access-Control-List can be constructed by white-listing and/or black-listing specific IP-Numbers and/or MAC-IDs. This allows the hotel owners to have uninterrupted access but the hotel-employees be totally banned from Internet access or have only limited access per day.

For large networks:

Very large enterprise networks, employ hundreds of access points, usually connected to a wireless controller. In such cases, this controller can be directly integrated with the hotspot server. In this case, the controller will handle the Internet traffic and login page, and the hotspot server will be used only during user authentication. Please consult us with the integration and user guide of the controller, for implementation.

hotspot server
LINUX Kernel Improves overall reliability
User Authentication Only authorized users are allowed to log-on adding security layer over not just WiFi network but also wired network
SSL Encryption optional Even the User Name / Password is sent in encrypted format
SSL Encryption optional
Time, Volume, Speed based Plans Results in better utilization of bandwidth
PMS Integration Single Bill for Guests
Usage Reports Better visibility on an ongoing basis on users and their usage
Log of all Sites Visited Report for Security Agencies
Media Independence Ideally suited for managing both wired and wireless networks
Captive Portal Every single packet being sent/received is captured resulting in better management of users/resources
Walled Garden Redirection to specific Websites/Messages/Promotions
Web based Interface No configuration change on the Client laptop; Truly plug & play
Inactive Timer The precious bandwidth is optimally utilized
Secure IP infrastructure Solid platform for integrating futuristic IP appliances (eg.,Skype phones, Wi-Fi mobiles), international VoIP calls.