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iSpot Managed AAA & Billing services
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 We offer AAA/Billing services through our hosted flagship product Hotspot Express Subscriber and Billing Management Software

With iSpot

      • You manage Business

        • Become the WiFi Business Administrator

        • Can create any number Pre-paid Tariff Plans to suit your business


We manage Network Services

        • Hotspot Express manages WiFi network through Internet from 24X7 Data Centers

        • We deliver Authentication & Billing Services

        • Through Central Servers, we bring cost of network management to a fraction

        • We can manage both wired/wireless networks

  With our hosted servers to anywhere in the world, we can serve any customer across the globe be it a single café or motel or café chain. We have ability to manage multiple currencies across the globe.

How to upgrade the firmware on a Linksys WRT 54GL Router

(or contact us, we will configure it for you -   )

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   wrt 54GL wifi hotspot router

Flashing the firmware on a router is risky. The following instructions are for the Linksys WRT 54GL Wireless G Broadband Router.

  • Downloaded the firmware from and configuration file .

  •  Power up the Linksys WRT 54GL.

  • Connect your computer or laptop wirelessly or using one of the four wired ports to the AP.
    It should give you an IP address in the range.  Make sure that you can reach
    the internet and browse the web.

  • Direct your browser to "".  The factory default username and password
    for the Linksys WRT 54GL Wireless G Broadband Router are "admin" and "admin".  You are
    now in the Linksys WRT 54GL Wireless G Broadband Router setup console.

  • Change the LAN IP as , save and reboot Linksys WRT 54GL

  • On the  Wireless G Broadband Router, connect the port labeled "INTERNET" to any internet
    connection you have (DSL, cable modem, ethernet, etc.,).

  • Select "Administration" and then "Firmware Upgrade".

  • Click "Browse" and select the file containing the firmware  named "openwrt-wrt54g-squashfs.bin" that you
    downloaded previously.

  • Click "Upgrade" and wait for the process to complete (about one minute) and then for the Linksys WRT 54GL
    Wireless G Broadband Router to reboot (about another minute - finished when the
    DMZ light turns off)

  • If you are connected wirelessly, look for the "iSpot" SSID and select it. You may need to "refresh your
    wireless networks" and/or "repair your connection" (renew your DHCP lease).
    You should receive an IP address in the range.

  • Connect to "" and enter the new password for the Linksys
    WRT 54GL Wireless G Broadband Router twice.

  • Select "System" and then "Config management" and select the file containing the
    firmware  named "config.tgz" that you downloaded previously.

  • Click "Submit"

  • Go to your iSpot console "" , login with your account credentials and click "Personal Data"
    and note down the Location Name

  • Select "Hotspot",  then "Configuration" and enter the Location Name that you noted from
    iSpot console and save

You want ... to provide wireless Internet Access for your guests, clients, visitors etc., but you want to remain in control of who and when somebody is using your Internet Service. You might want to make this a billable service or a value added service as part of your e.g. room charges. Be in control with whom you share your wireless Internet connection!

Our solution: Internet Access Control with Username and Password

we exclusively designed to enable the instant set-up of worry-free, controlled-access, revenue-generating WiFi services for your business. Each turnkey solution features web-based authentication, remote management and plug-n-play configurations
... simply use one of our Access Gateways, connect it to your Internet connection and start providing controlled wireless Internet Access.

We provide all the facilities like 
  • Web-based Control Panel Access at 
  • You manage all of your online users 
  • Customised Access Packages, e.g. 30min, 1h, 2h, 1 day etc 
  • 'Prepaid' Access Cards by the minute, e.g. 30min, 1h, 2h, 10h etc [optional] 
  • Bandwidth Control per user or site 
  • User Online/Offline/Expired/Suspended Status Monitor 
  • Server Status Monitor, monitoring our US based redundant servers 
  • Gateway Status Monitor, monitoring the gateway at your location

If a single wireless Gateway is not sufficient to cover your Building, Compound, Marina, Stadium etc
Simply add a number of wireless Access Points. Access points do not have to be wired to the main gateway. Just

 plug in the powercord and keep them within wireless reach of the main gateway or another wireless access point. Building a 'mesh' network, just like a cellular network for mobile telephony.


iSpot Features


Hosted Authentication & Billing Services

Reduced Billing /Database functions at customer end saving money and time

Web based Interface

No configuration change on the Client laptop; Truly plug & play

LINUX Kernel for AAA functions

Extremely reliable services

Simple Pre-Paid Model

Easy to Manage

Tariff plans based on Time or Volume or Speed

Controlled usage of the broadband to all users. Ease of managing business

Business Administrator

Being a Business Administrator, customer has absolute control over Tariff Plans including complementary services

URL redirection

Better visibility of your product and services

Hosted Authentication & Billing Services

Reduced Billing /Database functions at customer end saving money and time

Media Independence

Ideally suited for managing both wired and wireless networks

Captive Portal

Every single packet being sent/received is captured resulting in better management of users/resources

Walled Garden

Redirection to specific Websites/Messages/Promotions

Inactive Timer

The precious bandwidth is optimally utilized


The prime objective of the product is having AAA/Billing as service to reduce the initial investments. Through iSpot, we not only secure the WiFi but enable you to run the WiFi business the way you want including complementary billing services.

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The philosophy behind iSpot is to minimize the initial investment to enable a Café/Restaurant/Service Apartment to turn WiFi not just a value added service but a profitable revenue stream.

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Our gateways provide wireless IEEE 802.11b/g/n etc. (11Mbps, 54Mbps, 700Mbps) and wired controlled Internet access. We are using Linksys and other wireless routers including appliances and PC based servers with modified software (DD-WRT, OpenWRT, RouterOS ...) in connection with our centralized US based servers.

In addition to our online Control Panel servers, we operate redundant dedicated servers for the authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) process.
In case you already have an existing wireless network, but do not have sufficient access control or too complicated set up based on MAC addresses, you can simply use our Internet Access Gateway (Internet Access Control Appliance) to start getting in control again