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hotEx PPPoE Manager - ISP Billing Software


This rugged Linux based solution that centralizes numerous functions like authentication and login, billing,

content filtering, bandwidth management and policy enforcement. We have more than 400 installations

across globe.


  • Prepaid and Postpaid Plans (with time limit, data limit, bandwidth limit) are available.

  • Prepaid ticket sales and postpaid invoicing business models are available.

  • Capped bandwidth feature available (example: users' bandwidth will be reduced after reaching specific data transfer)

  • Users will be well isolated from other users for better security

  • Access Log (URL Logging) feature available to meet TRAI guidelines for ISPs.

  • Web Cache feature available (Optional)

  • Online Traffic Monitoring feature available.

  • Web Self-Care Module enables uses can view their usage reports themselves.


  • Integrated Security / AAA / PPPoE / Billing Solution

  • Prepaid and Postpaid

  • Complete control over users/usage/bandwidth

  • Stable Linux based software product

The PPPoE authentication enables you to manage your subscribers both prepaid and postpaid. The

network can be segmented and more than one gateway can be implemented to share the same centralized


The smarter Billing Engine enables the customer to devise any number of flexible tariff plans based on Time

or Volume or Speed or any combination of these three. You can add unlimited number of users.

Network Diagram with hotEx PPPoE Manager

hotEx PPPoE Manager




LINUX Kernel

Improves overall reliability

User Authentication

Only authorized users are allowed to log-on adding security layer for any type of networks

Log of all Sites Visited

Report for Security Agencies