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hotEx RADIUS Manager - Subscriber Billing and Bandwidth Management with Radius Authentication

This is a LINUX based Radius AAA solution from hotspot Express. The authentication mechanism is Username/Password. This base version supports 500 users. This can easily scale up to 50000 concurrent users without any problem. You can integrate this with any external captive portal table.

hotExradius manager provides centralized hotspot connectivity, billing and management solutions for broadband providers, including cable companies and telcos, reduce the challenges in deploying and managing a public Internet access (hotspot) offering across a large geographic area by providing central management and location-based billing and marketing services


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A WiFi network with hotEx RADIUS Manager

radius server AAA server software download

hotEx RADIUS Manager Features


LINUX Kernel

Improves overall reliability

User Authentication

Only authorized users are allowed to log-on adding security layer over not just WiFi network but also wired network

SSL Encryption optional

Even the User Name / Password is sent in encrypted format

Log of all Sites Visited

Report for Security Agencies

Media Independence

Ideally suited for managing both wired and wireless networks

Captive Portal

Every single packet being sent/received is captured resulting in better management of users/resources

Walled Garden

Redirection to specific Websites/Messages/Promotions

Web based Interface

No configuration change on the Client laptop; Truly plug & play