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A simple solution to bring the entire campus wide WiFi under one management umbrella and effectively secure, control, monitor and optimize the network usage.


In an educational institution it is the responsibility of the Internet Administrator to effectively police the network. Not all users are responsible netizens.  Hotspot Express has come out with a very cost effective solution.


hotEx RADIUS Manager enables you secure the entire campus. Only authorized users are allowed logon

hotEx Billing Manager LINUX based software solution from Hotspot Express not only secures the WiFi from unauthorized Users but effectively manages the usage too. Depending on the course program durations, you can easily set the expiry date for each student.  The activity log enables control over misuse. Unwanted sites can easily be blocked.

Key Benefits of hotEx RADIUS Manager

  https based RADIUS server to secure WiFi network
  Self installable software based on robust LINUX platform
  Content Filtering
  Manage both wired and wireless network through a single window
  Additional benefits with hotEx Billing Manager
  Automatic expiry of access based on Academic Calendar of a student
  Usage control based on both Time or Volume or Speed or a combination of one of these three
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