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Solution for Hotels - Internet Billing software

Hotspot Express delivers the only complete and comprehensive wired and wireless billing solution that caters to the complete needs of the hospitality industry. The flagship hotEx Manager is a Subscriber Management and Billing Software. It has been designed keeping in mind that IT is an enabler for hospitality industry.

Hotspot Express solution meets the needs whether it is a single hotel or an expansive resort or hotels in multiple locations/cities.  The freedom to manage your hotspot based on your business needs is a key consideration behind the design goal.  A guest can be given a roaming facility with the same userid and password, across all the properties of hotel chain.  The design takes care of Hotel Chains including Franchisee models.  

It has been designed to meet all needs of wired and wireless internet solution right from Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA) to Billing. This software, in operation since 2005, has an exceptional track record on reliability.

We can integrate with the hotel’s PMS (Property Management System) to deliver post-paid solutions. You can have any number of Pre-paid or Post-paid Tariff Plans. The tariff plans could be based on Time or Volume or Speed or a combination of any one these three.

               Hotspot WiFi Billing solution for hotels, Resorts, INNs,Schools. Prepaid and Postpaid Billing, Radius Server AAA - Wi-Fi Hotel

The modular design is one of the key differentiators of Hotspot Express software solutions. This has enabled hotspot Express to easily scale the solution across geographies without any problem. Whether it is hotel chain or cafι chain hotspot Express has solution that can either be completely owned by the Customer or opt for Service Delivery Model.

For a hotel chain, at each of the hotels one iSpot will be intalled. iSpot is basically a WiFi unit that come pre-loaded with hotspot express’ billing firmware.  Each iSpot  in the hotel/cafι communicated via Internet to hosted AAA/Billing servers. As hotel owner/franchisee the customer becomes the business administrator. The hotel owner can charge or give WiFi as complementary services. The customer can create any number of tariff plans to suit the business needs of that particular locality/geography. 

Optionally customer can choose AAA/Billing as service. This solution can easily be deployed across the globe. With hotspot Express hosted servers, we can serve any hotel anywhere in the word. The solution has capabilities to handle multiple currencies across the globe
Key Benefits
  Any number of Pre-paid or Post-Paid Tariff Plans to satisfy customers
  Tariff plans based on Time or Volume or Speed
  True Plug & Play - No client configuration whatsoever on the client laptops
  Log of Users/Usage - Superb control over users and usage
  LINUX based platform strengthens reliability
  Secures WiFi not at the expense of freedom to manage the WiFi business
  Platform for futuristic IP applications like IPTV, Multimedia applications
  Simple self installable software literally with 4/5 clicks the installation gets over
• Centralized RADIUS Server 
• PrePaid and PostPaid Packs Creation with PIN numbers. 
• Time/Volume/Bandwidth based Rate Plans
• Unlimited Service configuration.
(Enables different price plans, Service bundling, in addition to discount and bonus options). 
• Reseller Account support and reports.  • Web Based Administration, Viewing Reports and user support. 
• Customer Self-Signup Plans, Registration. • Web based Customer login 
• MAC address automatic authentication, if necessary.  • Redirection to provider's "Terms and Conditions" Page before access. 
• Configurable Portal Page for user access showing the providers logos and links.  • Web Self Care module to enable users self account administration. 
• Logout keyword (user can type exit/logout/etc in the browser)  • Configurable idle timeout (customers will be logged-out automatically if no response) 
• Free Access to Specified domains and websites.  • MB Limitation based on user account or Mac address. 
• Bandwidth Limitation based on user account or Mac address.  • Automatic session timed out, after the prepaid account is completed.
• Balance minutes updated at real time on clients  • Compatible with most Subscriber Gateways, access controllers, RADIUS enabled Access Points
• Live reports, statistics and analysis  • Reports on Bandwidth, Data Transfer, etc and export in CSV format. 
• The software can be on public IP and the clients can be behind NAT.  • In-built DNS, DHCP server and firewall support. 
• WPA (Wireless Protected Access) support  • Multiple Service Support (wired and wireless) 
• Grouping and billing based on Wireless Access Points.  • Credit Card authorization and charging (optional) 
• PMS Integration (optional)  • PayPal Integration (optional)
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