Solution for ISP/WISP

Medium and Small ISPs have been showing interests on us, especially for their billing platform. ISPs offering multi location hotspots have been using our software, with franchisee management plugins wherein each franchisee manager can create their own plans and tickets for their own users. The superadmin will set ticket-credits or payment-credits to suit their franchisee operations. The software can be customized to suit any/combined method of payment collection from customers offline/online. In a few cases, we have implemented reverse-sms-billing, wherein the ISP is also a mobile operator, and the equivalent charges for WiFi usage will be debited from the balance minutes of the prepaid mobile users.

Key Features

  • SMS based billing -optional
  • Readily available Pay-Pal online payment
  • Tariff Plans based on Time/Volume/Speed
  • https based UserName/Password based Authentication
  • Any number of Tariff Plans both Pre-paid & Post-Paid
  • Unlimited number of Access Points
  • Single billing platform for wired and wireless networks
  • Readily available Franchisee Billing model