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Product Mapping Table

Hotspot Express provides a complete solution—services, software, and gear—designed to let you run a public access wired/wireless network business of any size. Hotspot Express gives you the flexibility to provide free, paid, or advertising-supported Wi-Fi services.

The solution approach has been very modular. LINUX is the de-facto platform for all the software products from Hotspot Express. The table below describes the Product Portfolio and its target segment.

               Product Name


         Target Market

hotEx Billing Manager    


LINUX based integrated Subscriber, Bandwidth and Billing Management Software


Hotels, Resorts, Hotels Chains and WISPs

hotEx RADUIS Manager                 


Username/Password based Authorization, Authentication and Accounting Software

Enterprises, Universities and Colleges.




 A standard WiFi unit from Hotspot Express with a customized firmware. Billing is given through our hosted services 

Hotels, Café, Café Chains and Service Apartments


Hotspot Express has been one the pioneers to adopt LINUX as platform for all solutions. Our flagship product hotEx Billing Manager has an installed base of more than 500 across the globe. This speaks volumes about the quality of the product. Hotspot Express Manager addresses all the needs whether it is single hotel or chain of hotels. The rugged billing enables us to give both Pre-paid and Post-paid billing model addresses needs of Hotel Chains to WISPs.  We have already integrated with leading Proprietary Management Systems.

Hotspot Express prides itself with features like Credit Card Billing System and Reverse SMS Billing to address WISP Market

This ISP class hotEx RADIUS Manager scales from 500 users to 500000 users with no problem what so ever. This has enabled us to address the Education and Enterprise segment looking for ISP class reliable authentication systems. We offer our customers a high-value, low-cost, fully-featured billing and customer management software solution, specifically designed to meet the challenges of companies of any size who are using advanced IP-centric tools to deliver their products and services.

has enabled Hotspot Express to address the Café, Restaurants and Service Apartments. Having hosted its own flagship product Hotspot Express Manager, Hotspot Express is able to deliver billing solution at a fraction of cost. The customer need not dedicate any other billing system. We offer this as product/service in India through openwrt compliant WiFi Access Points that act Billing Router.  For customers outside India, we offer the firmware.