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Centralized Hotspot Connectivity, Billing & Management

hotExradius manager provides centralized hotspot connectivity, billing and management solutions for broadband providers, including cable companies and telcos, reduce the challenges in deploying and managing a public Internet access (hotspot) offering across a large geographic area by providing central management and location-based billing and marketing services.

Centralized Hotspot Connectivity, Billing and Management Software
hotExradius manager is ideal for broadband providers looking to offer high speed Internet service in multiple commercial locations across a larger geographic area, and manage the service from a central location. 

hotExradius manager Enterprise system allows people with laptops and other wireless devices to easily and securely connect to the Internet from any type of public Internet access hotspot by presenting them with a captive Internet portal from which to authenticate and/or pay for the service to connect seamlessly to the Internet and VPN. 

hotExradius manager complete centralized hotspot solution empowers broadband providers with the ability to provide localized hotspot services throughout and beyond their service area footprint without having to make expensive and time consuming changes to their infrastructure.  The system enables the provider to vary the features and the look and feel of the service by location and show the user targeted messages, while managing it all from one central location.