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Wi-fi for Business
1. Is Hotspot Express Software useful for Wired networks?
2. Should the customer has to install any software in his laptop to login?
No. There is no need to run any software or to make any settings in the customer's laptop or computers.

3. Should the customer have to use DUN (dialup networking) to login?

4. How will the customer be logged out?
The customer will enter http://logout http://exit to logout, in the address bar of the browser.

5. Power went off while working. Will my customers be continuously charged?
No. By default Idle-timeout is set for 5 Mins. i.e., If the customer is not accessing the computers for 5 minutes, he will be logged out automatically.

6. Internet Connectivity is disconnected while working. Will my customers be continuously charged?
ISP disconnectivity is equivalent to Power goes off. Refer above.

7. My customer wants to use Public ISP IP number. How to assign to him?
Refer the menu, Settings -> Set Public IP for client computers.

8. I have a few VIPs in my network. They should not be disturbed and must always get Internet access without any limit?
You may create a Plan as VIP, and add create members in this plan, and give the PINs to the VIPs

9. My Hotel has wired and wireless networks. Should I have to run two hotspot Managers?
Not Necessary. A Single Hotspot Express server is enough to support your wired and wireless networks.

10. I want to allow my hotel customers to login into my hotel websites without any authentication. Can I?
Yes. The Hotspot express can be set in Open Mode. There will be no authentication (username and password) for customers. The customers will simply see the Welcome/Terms &Conditions page, and click ' I Agree' button to continue. Their computers MAC address will be used for reporting and analysis.

11. A boss and his employee have brought their own laptops. How to bill them?
Two different Room ID PIN numbers can be given to the boss and his employee. In PostPaid mode, all their charges will be added into the same room number.

12. I have Chain Of Hotels. Can I share my staff authentication details to all my hotels?
Yes. HotSpot Express Software supports Chain of Hotels. Each Hotel will run one iSpot. All these iSpots will be checking the central radius server and database for authentication.

13.Can Hotspot Express be integrated with Hotel Management Software? Is Hotspot Manager useful for Wired networks also?

14.Shall we create a Plan on Mbytes Transferred basis?
Yes. Mbytes Limit can be applied to either PrePaid or PostPaid Plans.

15.Shall we sell the Packs through Resellers?
Yes. The packs can be sold directly or through resellers. The reseller management and accounting feature is available

16. Some of the Printed Packs lost/damaged before sales? What to do?
The Administrator can cancel the lost packs.

17. Can we create Plans with different Upstream and Downstream Bandwidth speed?
By Default, the limit is applied to the same for both upstream and downstream. Please consult us if you need to set different bandwidths for upstream and downstream.

18. ' key error eth1:' is encountered during installation and stalls?
Please ensure that you use two network cards compatible to Linux CentOS