Runs on x86/x64 based PCs

OS Included

Recommended Configurations

Resource Up to 50 Users Up to 100 Users Up to 250 Users Greater than 250 Users
Intel/AMD-compatible Processor Dual Core / Quad Core Dual Core / Quad Core Dual Core / Quad Core Dual Core / Quad Core
Memory 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB
Hard Drive 500 GB 500 GB 500 GB 500 GB
NICs 2 2 2 2

To have Demo

Please download the below ISO file, and make an Installation CD.

hotEx Billing Manager http://hotspotexpress.in/hotexbilling.html

(Please refer http://hotspotexpress.in/screenshots/How-to-install-hotspot-software-in-VirtualBox.ppt to install)

hotEx RADIUS Manager http://hotspotexpress.in/hotexradius.html

hotEx iSpot Server http://hotspotexpress.in/ispot.html

(Note: If you do not know how to create CD using ISO files, click here)

Insert the CD in a PC/Server (Cent OS compatible) having two Ethernet cards.
Please note that all data in this hard disk will be lost.

Refer the below screenshots to install from CD and use.

End-user License Agreement