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 You'll need

  • ADSL BroadBand Internet Access
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Billing Solution

We Provide

  • iSpot - WiFi Billing Router

  • Hosted billing solution which includes of end-to-end process of creating, maintaining and profiting from an "Internet Cafe Hotspot". Starting with a WiFi Gateway, you can support all WiFi-enabled Laptop and PDA users. iSpot comes complete with user authentication, subscriber billing, credit card and Prepaid Card processing and more!

Generate Revenue

  • Customized billing solutions offer a virtually unlimited range of free or paid 'iSpot Zones' optimized to:

  • Increase revenues from existing customers and attract new customers

  • Extend customer visit time in a Cafes, restaurants, pubs, lounge areas, business, service, meeting or call centers, and other venues

  • Encourage more frequent, repeat visits


1. WiFi Revenue: you make money every time someone walks into your venue, opens their WiFi-enabled Laptop, PDA or one of your computers and accesses the internet. With iSpot, even people sitting in their car outside your venue must pay you to access the internet!

2. Increase Sales: WiFi attracts customers to your venue. If you are a coffee shop - you'll sell more coffee. If you are a campground, you'll sell more space. If you are a Pub or Bar, you'll sell more beer while your Surfers read their email, surf the net or play games though your WiFi connection!

3. Advertising Revenue: Each WiFi Gateway comes with a custom home page (portal) - which all users see when they open their web browser. Why not sell advertising space on these pages to local or national businesses?


Flat Per Location Pricing

Our flat per-location pricing allows you to easily budget a complete managed solution.

Unlimited number of access points in location.

There are NO additional fees associated with more access points in a single location.

Web-based Management Tools

Our web-based Provider Control Panel allows you to track usage, make network-wide changes, modify service plans and much more from anywhere in the World.

Inbound and Outbound Roaming Support Built-In

As more telecom carriers and large Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP's) begin offering global roaming subscriber access with the use of client-side software applications, visitors may or may not choose to take advantage of free Wi-Fi access. iSpot Wi-Fi Hotspot has been designed to allow subscriber access to those customers that become accustomed to Wi-Fi access using their client software applications. This feature allows a seamless Wi-Fi end-user experience and provides you the opportunity to earn wholesale revenue which helps you recoup build-out costs.

Custom Branding

Our login and sign-up "splash" screens are customizable so you can format them for your look and feel with absolutely no web-page design experience. The splash screens are also multi-lingual for a positive end-user experience.

Flexible Service Plans/Promotions/Pre-paid Support

The iSpot Wi-Fi Hotspot system supports many different types of service plans which allows you to customize your service offering. We also have a promotion system which allows you to offer promotional discounts to your customers. Service plans include; Free Access Plans, Subscription plans (Hourly, Daily, Monthly), Pre-paid local, Pre-paid global, Pre-paid conference, Roaming and non-roaming.

Usage Tracking

Track how many people use the service and find out how long they've used it. You'll even be able to see in-bound roaming usage.

Use Policy Enforcement

We give you a template Acceptable Use Policy that can be tailored to your specific needs, and since it's built-in to our platform - changes you make will be distributed network-wide.

Works with any broadband Internet connection

DSL, Cable, T1, Satellite, or any other broadband Internet connection will work great for your HotSpot.