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 hotex Billing Manager - WIFi HotSpot Billing Software, Internet Billing System

hotEx Billing Manager is an integrated Captive Portal/AAA/Billing software solution from Hotspot Express on LINUX platform.

wifi billing
A WiFi network with hotEx Billing Manager

This rugged LINUX based solution that centralizes numerous functions like authentication and login, billing, content filtering, bandwidth management and policy enforcement. We have more than 400 installations across globe

hotspot management

The captive portal technology enables you to manage both wired and wireless customers. The easily customizable login page enables to promote your products/services effectively.

The inherent strength of scalability that AAA offers, enables hotspot Express to cater from single hotel to resorts to large chain of hotels to ISPs and gives absolute freedom over your business. The username/password based authentication mechanism deployed here is best in class.

The smarter Billing Engine enables the customer to devise any number of flexible tariff plans based on Time or Volume or Speed or any combination of these three.  You can add any number of access points.  You have freedom to decide the walled garden

hotEx Billing Manager Features


LINUX Kernel

Improves overall reliability

User Authentication

Only authorized users are allowed to log-on adding security layer over not just WiFi network but also wired network

SSL Encryption optional

Even the User Name / Password is sent in encrypted format

Time, Volume, Speed based Plans

Results in better utilization of bandwidth

PMS Integration

Single Bill for Guests

Usage Reports

Better visibility on an ongoing basis on users and their usage

Log of all Sites Visited

Report for Security Agencies

Media Independence

Ideally suited for managing both wired and wireless networks

Captive Portal

Every single packet being sent/received is captured resulting in better management of users/resources

Walled Garden

Redirection to specific Websites/Messages/Promotions

Web based Interface

No configuration change on the Client laptop; Truly plug & play

Inactive Timer

The precious bandwidth is optimally utilized

Secure IP infrastructure

Solid platform for integrating futuristic IP appliances (eg.,Skype phones, Wi-Fi mobiles), international VoIP calls.